Why Brides Drools over Polki Jewellery?

Polki is an uncut and unrefined diamond, used in its natural form with no amount of chemical or any other treatment. They are often maintained in their original rough version, a non-faceted polished surface and are generally cut to follow the original structure of the stone. The word ‘Polki’ stands for uncut diamonds and they are just given a basic cut and polish. Therefore no two pieces are alike, making each Polki distinct and unique. It is one of the oldest ways of cut diamonds, originating in India until western cutting techniques were born.

Dating back to about approximately 2,500 years, Polki Jewellery was first brought to the Indian subcontinent by the Mughals, and traces of their old-styled cut Polki still influence contemporary designs. It has grown as a speciality of designing traditional jewellery out of uncut diamonds. Following the Mughals, uncut diamond jewellery went on to win the patronage of the Rajputs, and eventually, royal families across the country, who each modified it to mirror their aesthetics.

Polki is a trousseau must-have. Most suited for wedding and traditional wear, the colours and forms of this jewellery make the trousseau attractive and appealing to one and all. Polki is versatile and can easily be set with any other gemstones like emeralds, rubies, pearls and sapphires to create striking pieces.

Polki is inserted in with the help of gold foil and lac. Upon placing, the stones are fused with the foil that helps them shine while reflecting light. Depending upon the design of Polki Jewellery, pearls and other precious and semi-precious stones are added to make an interesting combination of the jewellery piece.

There are three main types of Polki Jewellery which are Kilwas Polki, Syndicate Polki and Zimbabwe Polki. They are all 100% natural diamond Polkies (uncut diamonds or flat diamonds or old-cut diamonds). The trendiest versions of Polki Jewellery is, Hyderabadi Polki and Open Polki. Hyderabadi Polki is distinct from the rest because these Polkis are set in silver jewellery. Open Polki Jewellery set includes various diamonds or gemstones without an enamel back coating. Polki jewellery often features meenakari and enamel designs, but the diamonds also look great with sapphires, emeralds, and rubies.

Traditional Polki designs detailed chokers, multi-layered necklaces and classic earrings continue to enjoy women in India. There are also a few popular shapes among Polki jewellery, especially when it comes to earrings: Chandbali and Jhumki. Chandbali earrings feature a double crescent moon theme, with the crescents set within each other. Jhumki or Jhumka earrings are portrayed by their bell shape.

Meenakari, also known as Meena Kari or Mina Kari, is the art of painting or embellishing various types of metals with vibrant motifs of birds, flowers, and leaves.

Polki Rings are one of the finest looking finger rings which look like gold earrings. There is a wide variety of Polki rings in size small, medium and large. All the rings are gold plated with stone, pearl and Kundan on them to give it shine.

Polki Anklet is a beautiful part of jewellery that is worn around the Ankle area. Polki Anklet is also known as Polki Payal or Polki Pazeb. They are beautified with shining stones in red, green and white colour.

Polki Bracelet is a beautifully crafted hand bracelet that comes in various sizes and is normally worn at a wedding or as bridal wear. For bridal wear, we would recommend these bracelets with attached finger ring.

Polki Mang tikka is head jewellery made in Polki which you place in the center of the forehead with a chain that is tied to the hair.

Is Kimchi is the New Achaar!

Well, the Korean wave is hitting these days more than coronavirus, I have seen the dish kimchi in most of the Kdrama’s which is more similar to Indian pickles, mostly called Achaar. Is kimchi is the new Achaar!

Let’s have a hot comparison.


Kimchi is a traditional Korean national dish and is made with salted fermented vegetables. It usually contains cabbage and other seasonings like sugar, salt, onions, garlic, ginger, and chili peppers. Kimchi is served with every single meal in Korea including breakfast. It may also feature other vegetables, as well as radish, celery, carrot, cucumber, eggplant, spinach, scallions, beets, and bamboo shoots. Though kimchi is generally fermented for a few days to a few weeks before serving, it can be eaten fresh, or unfermented, immediately after preparation. This dish is not only delectable but also presents many health benefits

There are at least over a hundred unique types of kimchi available in Korea. Due to varying regions, temperatures, availability of ingredients, and other environmental conditions. Perhaps, the most famous type of kimchi is the cabbage (baechu) and radish (kkakdugi) kimchi, which are widely served in Korea and Korean restaurants around the world. 

Since kimchi is generally made with vegetables, it has lots of health benefits. A serving of this fermented dish is loaded with fibre, antioxidants, healthy probiotic bacteria, vitamin C, carotene, iron, calcium, and more! 

Indian Pickle (Achaar)

To Indians, Pickle is in their blood. You can’t see a single home without a pickle jar in their kitchen. Unless kimchi, Pickle, mostly called “Achar” is not a national dish but serve as a side dish.  The word ‘pickle’ comes from the Dutch word pekel, Which means brine. Pickling, as a way of preserving food, is almost as old as cultivation.

Pickles have been a fundamental part of the Indian food culture for centuries and are known by different names across India. Indian equivalent “Achaar” however, has its roots in the Persian term which also means “powdered or salted pickles, preserved in salt, vinegar, honey or syrup”.

Pickles can be of 3 forms; preserved in vinegar, preserved in brine or salt and preserved in oil. Indian pickles are mainly of the last variety, with different types of aromatic and flavourful oils being used for preservation. Based on the type of oil used varies from region to region, for instance, mustard oil is a popular medium used in Northern India, whereas the Southern region prefers the more subtle flavour of sesame oil.

Mango pickles are widely available across the country as numerous pickle has created different versions regarding this national favorite. Unless mango pickles, there are also other pickles like Chili Pickle, Lime Pickle, Lime-Chili Pickle, Mixed Pickle, ginger, gooseberries and the combination goes on.

When compared to kimchi and achaar, both are mouth watery and lip-smacking delicious. Which one will you go for?

7 Benefits of Eating Eggs for Breakfast

A recent study of about nearly half a million people in China recommends that eating at least one egg each a day may reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Eggs are the ultimate source of high-quality protein. More than half the protein of an egg is found in the egg white along with vitamin B2 and minor quantities of fat and cholesterol than the yolk. Eggs are a useful source of Vitamin D which helps to protect bones and can be included in the daily balanced diet.

Let’s talk about the benefits we will able to receive when we include eggs in breakfast.

1. Eggs keep you feeling full day long.

Eggs keep you feeling full when compared to other cereals or toast. The protein and fat in eggs help strengthen your energy levels, keeping you satisfied for longer and reducing the need for a mid-morning snack(brunch). That’s because of their rich protein content and their capability to induce feelings of fullness, which leads to less of a desire to take in more calories.

2. Eggs assist in weight loss.

Studies have indicated that people who eat eggs for breakfast are more likely to lose weight than those who ate bagels or doughnuts.

3. Egg improves levels of good cholesterol

There are two kinds of cholesterol are found in our body. Good cholesterol is High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) and bad cholesterol Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL). Eggs naturally develop HDL, and in addition, helps lower the risk of cardiac arrest, along with many other heart and health diseases.

4. Eggs are good for healthier nails and hair

Everyone wants healthy nails and hair, even me and that’s where eggs help. It’s rich in Sulphur-containing amino acids with many vitamins and minerals, which helps to keep your hair and nails healthier, stronger and shinier. 

5. Eggs protect your eyesight.

Not only nails and hair but also improves eyesight. Lutein and zeaxanthin are the two carotenoids are antioxidants that contribute to eye health. They neutralize some of the degenerative processes that can affect our eyes as we age such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Eat the egg yolk, this is where most of these antioxidants are found.

6.Eggs are Gluten-free 

Many kids and adults today have gluten sensitivities. If you or your kids need a gluten-free diet, then eggs are the biggest option available.

7. Gets protection from Omega-3 fatty acids

Eggs labelled with “omega-3” contain heart-healthy omega-3 fats. Omega-3 fats may help decrease the risk of macular degeneration. Several theories that omega-3 fats improve brain health, although this is yet to be proven. Other benefits of omega-3 fats include improving your heart health and fighting inflammation in your body.


What a cloudy morning, let me sleep a little bit more!! Oh God!!! It’s a weekday

says with a shocking realization. This will be the same situation for all the working women’s out there. Cooking is an art, not when you are working. So here we list some easy breakfast items for easy mornings. Here we go:

1.French Toast

Sweet and Savory are the two words to represent French Toast. Normally, when we think of French toast, we think of an excess of sweetness and its aroma. You can only dream of how heavenly it tastes. But, there’s always the creative choice, a nice fat piece of bread topped with fresh fruits and powdered sugar. French toast really caters to your mood.


Pancakes, a flat cake are the best for an easy breakfast. It is one of the best friends for breakfast. Easy to cook and Easy to fall in love. You might think pancakes are practically the same as waffles. Unlike waffles, pancakes can be filled and loaded with sweetness. Red velvet pancakes, Oreo pancakes, salted caramel pancakes, cinnamon bun pancakes, berry pancake, the list goes on. And you can redesign your own type of pancakes and there is no shame.


If your sweet tooth is in full control, waffles are the perfect breakfast choice for you. Get ready to dip in maple syrup, top it with whipped cream, and throw on any topping you like to eat with. When it comes to waffles at breakfast, the rule is to go big.


When you think of breakfast, the first food that comes to mind is an omelet. Is that I’m right?? If you’re feeling lazy, you can order a special omelet from a restaurant or if you’re feeling determined, you can make your own.

When it comes to the tasty Omelets, Savory omelets are the best omelets on the earth. If it’s not packed with meat, cheese, and veggies, you’re not doing it right. When you take that first cut, its contents should explode on your plate. That’s how the explosion of flavor and satisfaction to be full-filled.


Forget traditional breakfast — deluxe, sweet and yummy doughnuts are a fancy food trend that’s lasted. They’re delicious, the perfect morning coffee companion. They can easily fill up our tummies with fewer bites. Doughnuts are basically a Jewish food item, but its taste and recipes have spread through other countries so easily. And they are very easy to be made and the best companion for a working people.


For the people who are looking at diet calorie sheets in their schedules, eating oatmeal’s are the best breakfast for you. They are rich in fiber and protein compared to other grains. It doesn’t need to taste like straight grains; instead, we can spice it up with some fresh fruit, cinnamon for a little boost, honey for some candied, peanut butter for some smoothness, almonds for some bite, and coconut for a strong taste. It will leave you guilt-free and thrilled to tackle the day ahead.

7.Poached Egg with bread

Finally, a very easy breakfast in just a 5 minute. Poached Eggs, with toasted bread or plain bread. Since eggs are great source of protein. Crack your egg into a bowl or onto a saucer. Cook for 2 minutes then turn off the heat and serve it in hot or eat it accordingly.

We believe this would help our reader strike a cordial balance between their job life and healthy homely food delicacies.

How the Pandemic affected Access Control and Security Systems

The Covid-19 pandemic affected every field forced businesses all over the world to close. The huge number of vacant buildings across the country creates a new level of vulnerability regarding physical security. Amid this unprecedented situation, business owners across all industries are concerned about the probability of trespassing and theft and are looking for ways to ensure that their facility will be secure throughout the shelter in place order. Access Control and Security system have paved a way to secure any location or building, irrespective of occupancy implementing a commercial camera system or executing an access control system to check and provide extra peace of mind to the owner. Not only do camera systems provide you peace of mind, but they are also a warning to thieves who may be looking to make the most of the vulnerabilities of your facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from access control and camera systems for your business, you can also safeguard your facility’s physical security by testing the functionality of intrusion and fire alarms. If you do not currently have any active monitoring services enabled, the COVID-19 shutdown is the ideal time to do so.

The Covid-19 pandemic has radically transformed the company rulebooks worldwide by shifting the working of corporations. Almost every company has transformed the way of labour, offices became abandoned, and employees have started performing from home. With the rapid increase of remote work or working from the home trend, organisations have started adopting advanced, multifactor mobile access systems to keep corporate data and networks safe. With the increasing security concerns, the multifactor authentication system request has risen unbelievably during the pandemic period. The increased usage of smartphones, laptops and tablets for corporate work has further accelerated the demand for mobile access control technologies. Along with the authentication, user verification systems demand is additionally showcasing extraordinary growth. The high acceptance of smartphones has shifted many users from multifactor authentication to user verification technology.

The high demand for these solutions would further continue post-pandemic to the rapid shift towards the digital identity management and verification system. Advanced digital infrastructure is boosting the demand for multistep verification and authentication systems, which further improves the market growth. As businesses, schools, and other institutions work to reopen with occupant’s health and safety top of mind, healthy buildings are a tool to help with long-term health promotion. Improvements will prepare facility managers to cope with COVID-19 as well as enable the best possible future in the new normal. Now, as the reality of living with the virus becomes more unavoidable, organizations need to take steps to safely welcome people back to their facilities. That means finding effective ways to take care of social distancing in workplaces, classrooms, and campuses, including occupancy management and enhanced access control. The touchless sensory system would grow at a fast pace while the touch-based solutions will be declining.

The covid-19 pandemic is making a central shift in how the workplace is perceived, designed, and functioned. Executing strategies to benefit occupants peace of mind and physical comfort are more critical than ever. Healthy building strategies are going to be intricately linked to the new normal of building design and operations. The global IT industry is advancing its security methods and capabilities faster, although the covid-19 pandemic has proven to be the catalyst for accelerating this development.

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